What Happened After I did one more Exercise

Fitness is not all about just to build muscle or being fit. Everyday exercises are giving me to fight with my struggles and not giving up. I actually love to do strength training exercise. I picked a schedule for one month. It improves my strength level and controlling my overthinking habit. I don’t like to think too much but at some point, I start to think too much. I decided to stop my habit. So, I make myself to involve little more to fitness.

So, I followed my one month schedule. In my initial stage, I suffered a lot because of my low energy and poor diet. I can’t do all the exercises which I scheduled. Whenever If you started any exercise make sure your diet and sleep.

After my one week struggle slowly recovered from a poor diet. I was eating good vegetables and protein foods. I extended my one month schedule to one and a half month. Because I didn’t complete well.

In my one month schedule, I did morning and evening exercise. In the morning I did strength and evening core and abs. It’s really hard to push myself to twice. But, I did not give up. Successfully completed my schedule really well. After, I really got proud to myself for not giving.

The initial stage of the exercise I suffered from my heart rate and RPE. To balance both I did meditation. It is good to feel.

Next step for the next stage which is next month schedule. So, decided to move a little high-intensity strength exercise. I thought it will be hard to do. But, actually not that much hard. The initial stage of struggle reached me on how to handle new beginnings. I perfectly handled my new beginning.

A few days passed, I got a shoulder injury. I really did not understand the reason for that. Whenever starting to do new exercises just realize it is enough for body condition. I made a mistake. Still, I’m not changing my schedule instead of that I push myself hard. I want to see my extreme level of intensity. I had taken recovery for 3 days.

After 3 days I continue to do my schedule. Still, I felt pain in the back of my shoulder. It’s gone after a few days of exercise. I said to people Don’t do the same exercise every day. You will get injured and muscle will not build. Do one part of body exercise per day.

My previous schedule I did first-day strength and second-day cardio. But, the second schedule I did first two days strength and third-day cardio. I added one more strength exercise. I will not get bore to do strength exercise. But, cardio also must do a minimum weekly twice. Simply by doing strength will not help to be fit.

The cardio only to improve endurance level, RPE level and heart rate under control. Now, I’m struggling with my low energy and stamina. After I did one more exercise I got low stamina and also I lost my weight.

I can’t say with happy mode. While doing a little more high-intensity exercise definitely you will lose weight. That’s not about you will get weak. It is unnecessary fats are burned. Your body after releasing the fats start to build muscle and bone getting strong.

Now, I’m in this stage to building muscle. You will become proud after this stage. Your body becomes in shape. I’m getting more strong than the previous stage.

Never get afraid to add one more exercise every day or every month. It is ok to add one more push-ups or one more squat. Whatever it is everything would be a good and positive vibe.

Initially, you will get suffer and struggle after you learned something it is good to see getting more strong. For me, it is happening.

Train your body to try new adventures and don’t get hesitate. For you, you have to take the risk. No one can do apart from you.

I hope hereafter my readers also will take one more exercise.

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